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Fan Clutches & Blades

With literally thousands of clutches and fan blades at our fingertips for your truck or car, we are sure to have just what you need. 


Major Manufacturers

Our fan clutches and fan blades are from major manufacturers including ADC®, American Cooling Systems®, Behr®, Bendix®, BorgWarner®, Caterpillar®, Cleanfix®, Cummins®, Detroit Diesel®, Eaton®, Evans®, Facet®, Ford®, Freightliner®, GMC®, Hayden®, Horton®, Huber®, Kenworth®, Kysor®, Linnig®, London Fan®, Mack®, Multi-Wing®, Navistar®, Peterbilt®, Rockford Powertrain®, Schwitzer®, Sterling®, Volvo®, Western Star®


Any fan drive is going to put a load on your vehicle’s engine…and that consumes fuel. What matters is optimizing when and how often that fan cycles and at what speed. For example, having a fan run in cold conditions is often unnecessary…and can lead to the issue of over cooling. Horton can help you choose the right cooling system for the conditions and environments in which your vehicles operate.


Horton fan drives and fans will keep your engine cool…but they can also help minimize the noise of your fleet or vocational vehicles. Less noise is good for the environment and it increases the comfort of your vehicle operators so they can be more productive.


It also helps with neighborhood harmony should your application work close to or within residential areas. Horton has a variety of fan drives and fan-blade designs to suit your needs and goals when it comes to reducing noise while ensuring proper cooling.


Horton products and systems offer proven reliability. They’re built to perform and to last. Yet, when you need help, Horton and its distribution network provide industry-leading service and support via highly-trained, experienced technicians.


We also offer expedited part and component delivery with our QuickShip warehouse program. We understand that keeping your vehicles on the road affects your bottom line. And depending on your needs, we offer a wide array of products and systems that feature little to no maintenance, to maximize your uptime.


Horton builds its products and cooling systems to suit the environments in which they operate. We call it “optimal cooling.” It’s perfect for off-highway vehicles or products that are subject to reliability problems in cold weather. Conversely, it’s perfect for products performing heavy work in hot environments, when extra horsepower can enhance productivity. And while building quality into a product used to be a selling feature, it’s now expected. Horton builds fans, fan drives and other components such that they not only satisfy our OEMs’ requirements, they exceed them. And our manufacturing facilities meet stringent industry standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949. We build our products right the first time and every time—so they last.

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