2019 Ford F-150 Now Available as a Diesel

While the anticipation is growing for the rolling out of the 2020 vehicles, there are still releases coming through on the 2019 year. Ford recently released that the F-150 XLT has the diesel-engine option. The catch? The diesel is only available in the higher trim levels. That doesn't eliminate many options, though. Ford considers 3/4 of their F-150 offerings to be higher trim levels. But is it really worth the compromise of a lower class trim with only a gas engine? We think not. The diesel option on higher trim levels of trucks is a trend that Ford is continuing from 2017 and it appears to be a very popular option among truck buyers. Interested in more information? Check out the article be

Is a diesel truck worth it?

YES! The time has never been better to purchase a diesel truck, especially with the new Turbo-Diesel options. Diesels of the past have gotten a bad reputation for being dirty, noisy, and inefficient. Those characteristics are a thing of the past! Don't believe us? Take a look at the article below comparing the 2020 Turbo-Diesel pickup trucks and see all that they have to offer. We are seriously impressed!

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