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Chevy Silverado Ups Their 2020 Diesel Pickup Game

Chevy recently announced that their 2020 Diesel Chevy Silverado 1500 is boasting a whopping 33 mpg. That is currently higher than the similar products that Ford and Ram have released. The advantages to owning a diesel over a gas pickup are becoming stronger and with the release of the increased mpg, the advantages just keep on coming.

In recent tests, not only has the gas mileage impressed drivers, but so has the noise of the engine, or lack there of. The engine has become more powerful while also becoming quieter, even while under load. This allows you to play your music while enjoying driving past yet another gas station and keep more money in your pocket.

How has Chevy managed all of this? They have put a lot of work into ensuring that the engine is running at optimum efficiency. The design now includes three electric fans to allow the engine to run at a cooler temperature, removing the balance shaft, and combing a straight-six engine with a 10-speed transmission.

Who else is excited for these advancements in technology? We know we are!

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